Rock in Share, how it all began ...

"In the summer of 2017, I bought a flat to make my first rental investment. At the time, Airbnb was booming in France among property investors. A travel and hotel enthusiast and regular Airbnb user, I put my flat online to "give it a try".

1st month, full house, 100% sold out! I couldn't believe my eyes. And that's when the most important thing suddenly came up: how to keep up the pace, between minor repairs, linen management, housekeeping, reservations and passenger satisfaction. I soon found myself doing housework during my lunch break, and answering the phone for travellers on holiday, evenings and weekends.

Profitability has a cost: freedom.

This new source of income is going to change my life, but I can't go on being glued to my phone all the time. So I'm looking for a way to free myself up to focus on my priorities: my family, my work and my hobbies.

Working with entrepreneurs on a daily basis, I'm an analyst by training, so I'm starting to study what the biggest players in this brand new emerging industry are doing. And it's fascinating!

Friends and people in my network soon asked me to manage their properties, and that's how Rock in Share was born, a property start-up specialising in seasonal rental management.

Today, our aim at Rock in Share is to free up landlords and let them enjoy all the benefits of home sharing, with the ambition of becoming the largest short-term rental player in the Grand Est region".


    Kevin, manager and founder of Rock in Share


Our values


The satisfaction of our owners and travellers is our primary concern. Our mission is to offer quality rental properties to selected, respectful travellers.

In order to limit the negative impact of the tourism sector on the planet, we are committed to a strategic development plan, with the aim of reducing our CO2 emissions and eventually achieving carbon neutrality.

By entrusting your property to us or staying in one of our properties, we will be adopting an eco-responsible approach together.


Our job


Rock in Share is an estate agency specialising in rental management. We manage both short-term rental properties and shared accommodation.

Our aim is to provide a legal and sustainable framework for homeowners wishing to share their accommodation.


Our team


 Rock in Share is passionate employees who have embarked on a unique human and entrepreneurial adventure.






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